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Terminal Dentition
and Full Arch Replacement

Are you unable to eat or chew without pain?

Is your nutrition suffering?

Have you lost teeth?

Does your face make you look older than you are?

Is there swelling or other signs of infection around your gums?

Are you embarrassed by your own bad breath? Afraid to even open your mouth, much less smile?

These might be signs of Terminal Dentition, meaning most of your teeth have gone bad.

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This condition can cause major health problems such as diabetes, coronary artery disease, and even erectile dysfunction. The good news is that there is a solution available, and your implant dentist can help.The dentist will evaluate your jaw and how much bone you have available to support your new teeth. This will involve taking x-rays, photos, a cone beam CT scan, or molds of your mouth. You and your dentist will review a plan for all the steps involved for each option, from removing bad teeth, placing temporary teeth, to your new set of teeth!

Your implant dentist wants to make sure you are comfortable throughout the process and will provide you with proper pain control options during the treatment and between visits. And affordable financial options are available.

You can look forward to having your life back so you will:

  • Enjoy ALL foods and chew with confidence and without pain.

  • No longer have bad breath.

  • Be more self-confident.

  • Meet more people and improve your personal and business life.

  • Feel better overall.

Most patients only wonder why they didn’t do this sooner! Talk to your implant dentist and be able to smile all day

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