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SNAP! Implant Supported Dentures

Do you have dentures that won't stay in no matter what you do? ​

Are you tired of relying on sticky adhesive to keep your denture in?

Do you miss enjoying your favorite foods?​

Do you "half-smile" because you worry about your denture falling if you open too wide?

Do you need a full arch solution, and don't mind taking it in and out of out your mouth?

Do you need a solution to your denture problems? 

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SNAP! - Implant Supported Dentures might be right for you!

With this solution, we place anywhere from two to six dental implants to anchor the dentures in place. After healing, we attach snaps to the implants that click into a housing we place in the denture. The dentures can easily be removed at home making this option the easiest to clean. 

There are several reasons why this solution is better than traditional dentures:

  • The implants provide direct support to the dentures so they don't squish your gums every time you bite

  • SNAP! support also holds the denture in place so it doesn't move around in your mouth or, even worse, fall out of your mouth!

  • The dental implants "hold onto" the bone - you will have less bone loss over time compared to conventional dentures

  • The dentures look natural, and are customized to your mouth. Dentures also can provide more lip support if your face appears "sunken" or "flabbier" than it used to

  • Dentures are easy to clean and take care of at home

Your implant dentist wants to make sure you are comfortable throughout the process and will provide you with proper pain control options during the treatment and between visits. And affordable financial options are available.

Most patients only wonder why they didn’t do this sooner! Schedule a free consultation and be able to smile all day

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