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Dentistry is about more than fixing broken teeth or telling someone they should brush more, it's about giving people back their smiles. I'm a dentist who enjoys doing just that. I believe that there are incredible social, psychological, emotional, and even physiological benefits to a smile, and that everyone should have a smile they love to show off.

As a dentist, I have the tools to make you proud of your smile.

I especially enjoy the powerful and dramatic transformations made possible by providing accurate, predictable, technologically driven solutions through dental implants. To learn about I use dental implants in my practice, follow this link. For information about implants in general check out my blog about dental implants.

I practice using cutting edge technology - Cone Beam CT scans (CBCT or 3D-xrays), guided surgery, intraoral scanning, and CEREC  milling. To find out about how these technologies allow me to provide excellent results, click the here, or the links above. 

Whether you suffer from missing teeth, crooked teeth, or years of mismatched dental work, I can help you Smile Again!


This site is intended to allow prospective patients to get to know me before taking the next step and setting up an appointment.  You'll find a section about me (including some cute pictures of my new baby!), about my education and qualifications, some reviews from real patients, and another section showcasing some of my work. If you still have other questions for me after viewing this site, give me a call or shoot me an email. 

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What if you could Smile Again?

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