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"Smile Again Special"

All-Inclusive Full Arch Replacement:

$29,500! per arch


Most adults with a full complement of teeth have twelve to fourteen teeth per arch. This offer is designed to replicate your original natural teeth as closely as possible by replacing each individual tooth with a single dental implant, abutment, and crown - a total of twelve to fourteen implants per arch. 

It typically takes five to seven months to complete treatment from the day of surgery. Once you've had your consultation and have been approved for treatment, it usually takes around 2-3 weeks before the initial surgical appointment. 

What's Included?

This offer includes:

  • Any tooth extractions

  • Any bone grafting that may be required

  • Twelve to fourteen dental implants, abutments, and crowns*

  • Temporary teeth attached to the implants**

  • Permanent, beautiful, life-lasting zirconia teeth

  • Individualized teeth that aren't attached to each other!


What's Not Included?

Nothing. This is an all-inclusive offer! 

To qualify for this offer, please print and bring this coupon to your consultation appointment. 

*This option is heavily dependent on the amount of bone you have available and many patients will not qualify. 

**It is not always possible to attach temporary teeth to the implants the same day the implants are placed. If the implants are not stable enough to support a temporary, a complete denture may be delivered until the implants have healed. The temporary teeth for this option are not individualized, but are connected together for strength. 

This offer is valid for treatments that start before 12/31/2021. Only valid for new patients.

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