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Technology in Dentistry

Self-driving cars, cell phones that connect to the internet, and speakers that recognize your voice and respond to commands - we live in a golden age of technology! People are putting computers in everything, and - when used properly - these advancements are allowing us to perform tasks more accurately and efficiently. The dental field is not immune to this rapid infusion of technological evolution.

As a dentist, I have wholeheartedly embraced the technological revolution taking place in my profession. Crowns that used to take weeks to make by hand can now be designed on a computer, manufactured, and delivered to a patient in a single visit. Surgical guides can be milled or 3D printed to provide accurate and efficient implant placement. Intraoral scanners can simplify dental record taking and do so while providing increased comfort and higher accuracy. In my practice I make use of all of these technologies to provide more accurate, efficient, and long-lasting treatments. I provide my patients with better results faster than was ever before possible.

Find out more about how these technologies might be used to enhance your dental treatment experience by clicking below:

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