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What People Are Saying

Don't take my word for it, here are some of the reviews my patients have left!

Melissa L.

"I haven't been to the dentist in 20 years. I've got some major stuff going on. I had an emergency over the weekend, and called 5-6 dentists' emergency lines and left messages.  Dr. Geleris   was the only one who answered the emergency line, and I'm so glad he did.  I was in the office the morning of Super Bowl Sunday,  and left with a temporary fix that actually looked better than before things went south! I was able to attend a party and didn't have to hide my smile. He was friendly and thorough in explaining my options, but most of all I didn't feel judged,  which was one of my biggest fears. Turns out I had nothing to worry about (on the judgment front). 
I have been back to begin the long, difficult process of fixing my mouth, and the same sense of warmth and kindness were exhibited by Crystal, Shan, and Lori. 
Believe me, I am beating myself up enough.  I can't put into words what a relief it is to have a dental team who isn't trying to pile on the shame - Lets just go forward from where we are."

Leslie G.

"My teeth (or what was left) were a mess!  Honestly, I didn't know what I was going to do except that I didn't want dentures. After much research and interviewing many dentists, I met my very professional, kind, gentle, compassionate, and smart Dr. Geleris.  At our first meeting, he made neurotic me feel calm and I knew I would be in good hands!  It took about a year for my rebuild to be completed.  Dr. Geleris was a perfectionist and went above and beyond to ensure that my teeth were flawless.  They are so much better than I could have ever imagined!
I've recommended Dr. Geleris to many friends and family and all have been quite impressed.  My 88-year-old Mom had a partial plate put in by another dentist a year before I met Dr. Geleris.  It never fit her properly and she was very uncomfortable wearing it.  I encouraged her to visit Dr. Geleris to see if there was anything to do to help make it more comfortable.  Finally (after her dog somehow got her partial plate and chewed it up) we had Dr. Geleris remedy the problem.  Bless my Mom, but she can be a handful and I'm sure was very stressful to deal with.  She's a 
talker and well...  She speaks before she thinks!  My wonderful Dr. Geleris handled her with nothing but respect, dignity, and kindness.  Best of all she is thrilled with her "new teeth" which have added so much to her quality of life. We're so grateful!
Dr. Geleris is the best and if I could give him more than five stars I would.  I promise that you will not be disappointed with this dentist!"

Jeanne Patrick

"It is my great pleasure to recommend Dr. Jon Geleris. I have had a three year journey trying to complete my dental work in an affordable way. I even went to Tijuana where the cost was less than 50% of most dentist in my area. 
I researched for over a year to find an affordable option for dental implants . When I spoke with [Dr. Geleris] I knew immediately the price they were quoting was about 1/2 of what other dentists in the area charge-so then of course, I needed to know why, and how they could provide this service at that price. Dr. Geleris explained because they specialize in implants they are able to purchase the implants in bulk at a great discount and that they want to make implants more affordable for the average client.
Not only did Dr. Geleris provide incredible service and pricing, he also made a repair of my Tijuana implant bridge at HIS COST!
The office I went to is in Walnut Creek, but I understand they have 2 others as well. 
The office is clean and professional, Lisa at the front desk is pleasant and efficient and they go out of their way to accommodate your schedule for appointments..
I had my last implants placed a few days ago, They are beautiful. 
As a senior, cost is a big issue for me and others as well, knowing we can have this kind of work done at about 1/2 the price makes it do-able, you don't have to go to Mexico to get it done!
I sell Medicare Insurance and always like to pass on money saving tips to my clients, I have referred many of my clients to Dr. Geleris and will continue to do so!
If you are considering implants and have been in shock at the quotes you have been getting (as I was) I encourage you to do that research and then CALL  [Dr. Geleris] and schedule a free consultation and quote. And, by the way YOU SHOULD SEE MY NEW SMILE!"

The One You L.

"De.geleris is the best dentise hands down he is (VERY) professional especially dealing with a patient as myself because I am very picky he dealt with me for quite some time because I was getting  dental implants.he had done a terrific job it wasn't easy but he did great he let me know every time when he was about to do anything during the procedure and make sure that I was calm and it was ok."

Cherie D.

"My experience with Dr. Geleris was so pleasant.  He is both professional and very concerned with you personally.  I traveled from San Jose to the [Dr. Geleris] San Ramon location so that my implant procedure would be performed by Dr. Geleris himself.
I loved the fact that he would be willing to make your experience with him very smooth and satisfactory.  It is very apparent early on that Dr. Geleris is very compassionate about his skill!
I plan to hopefully have several more implant procedures performed by Dr Geleris.  It is so nice to have my smile back again and to know my implant looks so beautiful!
Thank you Dr. Geleris
Cherie Dobrowolski"

Tally Carriedo

"Best service ever! Dental work was my worst nightmare until I found them, now thanks to Dr. Geleris I have a beautiful smile."

George D.

"I researched several and it came down between [Dr. Geleris] and Clear Choice. I interviewed both and got quotes to do full implants in upper teeth. They have completely different approaches. Clear choice does all on four and does it all in one shot. [Dr. Geleris] does 8 implants and spreads it out over 8 months. [Dr. Geleris] was also quite a bit less .The other guys were much more of a high pressure sales pitch. Clear Choice ask you lots of questions about how having a nice smile will make you feel. I'm in sales. I don't like that approach. It try's to take advantage of your emotions. [Dr. Geleris] was much better about explaining the procedures and why they did it over time. I went ahead  with [Dr. Geleris] . They were great to deal with. Always wanted to make sure I was comfortable and not in pain.Because they spread it out, it was never too bad. I completed the last procedure about 45 days ago. I am very happy with my smile, my bite is better than ever and I saved more than enough money compared to the competition to get veneers on bottom teeth to match my upper implants. My doctor was Dr Geleris. I highly recommend these guys. I feel I received a much better value and a superior approach to dental implants."

Joey Kwasniewski

"Great service and an amazing price!"

Ruby S.

"Dr Jon Geleris is amazing. I got a root canal and it was minimum pain. Staff is polite and professional. Best dental experience I have ever had!"

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