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Some of my work
This patient presented with SEVERELY worn teeth. I restored his teeth with all ceramic crowns, using different materials for the front and back teeth. The front crowns were made of Lithium Disilicate, a very natural looking material. The back crowns were Zirconia, a very strong material. Now he can
Smile Again!
This patient came in complaining about her chipped front tooth. We got to talking, and she admitted she wasn't very happy with her smile in general. Some of her teeth were malpositioned and she was missing others. We ended up placing a few implants and restoring her teeth with crowns and veneers. Now she is able to Smile Again!
This is one of my favorite smile transformations. This patient's front teeth had been getting progressively looser, to the point where they were sticking out almost horizontally. I removed and replaced his front four teeth with dental implants. What a difference!! Now he can
Smile Again!
This patient was a local businessman who was referred to me by his wife, who was tired of looking at his mismatched front teeth. I had replaced a couple of missing teeth for her, and she wanted me to fix her husband's smile. The front six teeth were restored with ceramic veneers. Now he can
Smile Again!
While I enjoy challenging cases, sometimes a simple solution is in the patient's best interest. This patient was referred to me by his mother because he wanted his teeth straightened. We talked about his options, and decided on Invisalign treatment. Twelve months later he could Smile Again!
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